MCG is an end-to- end contract manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of metal manufacturing, composites and bonding technologies.

We deliver innovative insight in product design, manufacturing processes, and supply chain integration, offering competitive solutions to our customers worldwide.

MCG keeps up with technology and market trends through the development of R&D activities that enable the development of new products, technologies and know-how needed to transform these trends into business and thus access high value-added markets.


Almadesign is a Portuguese Industrial Design company with core competences in Design - conception of new products and services - and Design Management - structuring of product development methodologies and implementation of industrial innovation processes.

The focus of Almadesign's activity is the development of solutions, based on technology, centered on the user, for the area of Transport (Aeronautical, Railway, Road and Nautical), Industrial Equipment, Electronic Devices, Furniture and Interiors.

CABLOTEC - Cablagens e Sistemas, Lda

Over the course of 28 years, Cablotec has gained reputation in the market through its specialized cabling solutions.

Cablotec’s technical and production capabilities allow it to take on challenges from several market areas with its cabling, injection molding, mold design and R&D solutions.

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the manufacture of Railway Industry solutions, Cablotec commits to delivering custom, turn-key solutions, according to high quality standards.


FAMOPOL is a company that is engaged in the development, production and marketing of products in composites materials, using innovative production techniques to ensure products with the highest level of quality. Have experience in manufacturing parts for various sectors such as Transport, Industry, Construction, Sports, etc.

Located in northern Portugal, Espinho, occupying an area of approximately 3,200.00 m2, having been created in 1989, since then presenting a sustained and continued growth. Famopol is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

ITECONS - Instituto de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico para a Construção, Energia, Ambiente e Sustentabilidade

Itecons is an entity of the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System (SCTN). Itecons has modern facilities and highly qualified personnel with experience in performing research and consulting services in Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Its Quality Management System is certified by APCER.

It offers approximately 300 tests accredited by IPAC. It is recognized as a Notified Body (System 3) and a Technical Assessment Body, in the context of CE Marking. It is a Technological Interface Centre (CIT) and is qualified to provide services in the context of funding “Vouchers”.


Wiseware is a highly motivated R&D team, with the mission of developing innovative and high quality solutions for your business.

Wiseware excels in areas like electronics, mechatronics, robotics, automation, telemetry, image processing, artificial intelligence and SaaS. And we’ve applied this knowledge in projects of health and well being, telemetry, georeference, quality control and inspection and automated systems.

Wiseware and it’s linked synergies and partners ensure a deliverability with the highest quality and finish. Over the years we acquired a set of reliable knowledge during the development of several products that made us grow in optimization and competitivity. Our customers are proud of the results.

As a competitive team, we thrive in developing and implementing technological solutions. Wiseware Solutions is always looking for new projects and challenges